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1 - Sign up/ Registration
1) Sign up/ Registration is required before sending an e-Card. 2) Click on Step 1:.Sign up (required) at the top of the right-hand column of the homepage or click on the register link under the user name input box at the top right 3) Sign-up/ registration is only required once. 4) Full name, email address, password, zip code and country are mandatory. All other fields are optional 5) Your registered email address is your login name. 6) For your reference, we will send you a registration confirmation by email 7) If you fill out the form on the homepage and hit ‘preview’ before signing up/ registering you will not be able to send your e-Card until you sign up/register. You can register on the preview page by clicking ‘Register’ (right side)
2 - Login
1) Login is required after completing sign-up/registration and/or each time you visit Laughing Inside e-Cards. 2) Input your username (registered email address) and password into the text boxes at top right of the homepage or by clicking Step 2: Login (required) in the right column 3) If you forget to login and proceed to the ‘preview’ page you will need to click Login (right) before sending your e-Card 4) Click ‘forgot your password?’ at top right of home page for an email reminder if necessary
3 - Selecting and Sending an e-Card
1) Once registered and logged in, your name and email will automatically be inserted in the appropriate home page form text boxes (right) 2) Preview and select an e-Card by selecting a category from the top tabs of the home page and then by clicking on a thumbnail image in the left column. Each category has multiple pages accessed by clicking page numbers above the thumbnail table (left homepage). 3) Insert recipient name and email address in the labelled form fields on the homepage 4) Insert your message in text box. You are limited to 500 characters (including spaces but not including empty line breaks) 5) Click ‘Preview’ 6) Format (see below) your e-Card and then hit ‘Send’ (If you do not see the ‘Send’ link on the preview page, click Sign in; you must be registered - if not, click Register then Log in) 7) Send additional cards by clicking ‘Browse Selection’ from the Thank You page and following steps 2 – 6 8) A confirmation email will be sent to you along with confirmation when your card is viewed
4 - Customising your e-Card
1) Select your e-Card and complete the homepage form (see 3 above) and click ‘Preview’ 2) Choose your font and font size from preview page drop-down menus (right) 3) Choose your background colour and font colour from the preview page drop-down menus (right) 4) If a long personal message distorts your e-Card formatting (too long), adjust by reducing font size and/or change the font 5) You can revise your selected card and/ or message by clicking ‘Revise’. You will not lose your customisation selections. When revised, click ‘Preview’ and then ‘Send’.
5 - Retrieving and Replying to an e-Card
1) To retrieve an e-Card from an email notification, click on the link in the first email paragraph or copy the retrieval information (2nd paragraph) in the text box at bottom right of homepage. Click ‘Pick-up’ 2) Once retrieved, you can reply to sender by clicking ‘Reply to Sender’ (right). First time visitors must register and then login (see above) before replying. For registered users, click ‘Login’ and follow Selecting and Sending an e-Card instruction above
6 - Managing your Account
1) Login (see 2 above) 2) Click ‘My Sent Items’ from homepage top right to view and manage your sent e-Cards 3) Click ‘Edit my Profile’ from homepage top right to change your login name, password and address 4) Click ‘Log Out’ from homepage top right to log out of Laughing Inside
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